Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lesson plan reflection

For our lesson Matt and I prepared by going over the lesson a couple nights before hand to make sure we were both on the same page. Our big thing was making sure we were able to work together and to keep everything flowing rather smoothly, which can be difficult when working with another individual. For behaviors we decided before hand that we just discipline individuals depending on the action being committed, because certain things stop once they are addressed while others might need stronger punishments or different approaches. I believe we completed the lesson pretty similar to the way it was written, which I think had to do with our preparation. I think the key to being successful in  any classroom set up depends on what you do before hand. My favorite quote for baseball can also be applied to life as well and that’s “Those who prepare to fail, fail to prepare”. The main focus of our lesson was to show students that you can enjoy math and have fun with it, sure sometimes you’re going to have to do problems and work in a notebook but you can also learn through games and interactions. The only thing different was to have had the smart board originally used in lesson rather than have it used because a suggestion from Dr. Luongo. I’m thankful she did because I think it allowed students to see everything that was going on. When you’re in front of the class you start to understand which students understand what’s going on and students who aren’t getting the information as much. I think the most important thing is notice those things early so you can help those students out as soon as possible. Overall I enjoyed having that experience and I’m looking forward to the next time I’m in front of the class.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Digital story

Overall the process for the digital story was a great learning experience and next time will make a better attempt at the full approach. Matt and I didn't use any voice in our presentation and from watching other videos from within the classroom I realize just how vital it is to the story telling process. For example, Kristen and Kevin's group I thought did a fabulous job with their whole approach and story. I was hooked from the moment the story began, which is a key asset to any type of story or movie. I really enjoyed watched other groups and the effort they put into the project and hopefully there will be another opportunity in the future to partake in another digital story telling experience.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Digital Storytelling

Today was a combination of some high and low points, but in the end I finally now understand how to work the blog and how the digital story process works. My partner and I are still under the process of coming up with the exact way to create this story, but with math it hasn't been to easy yet. After this process, Matt and I decided watching different videos would help us spark more ideas. Overall I believe that once matt  i really get the whole concept down of this story, that our project will be a great success.

Day 1 of Digital Story

Well first off now I have figured out the process to finally connect to the blog and have the ability to use it as well now. I was becoming rather frustrated which caused me to forget the email address that I was using for own blog. Now that the process is over with I'm able to blog and share my own ideas with my entire class. I'm excited to get started on this digital story because it's a new experience that I haven't been able to encounter before. For me, new ideas such as this are important because it gives us more options once we step into the teaching world. With each new tool that we are taught, it gives us another chance to add something to a lesson plan one day.